Film Bio

Over the years, Raul Ries, a military veteran (US Marine Corps) has reached out to those who are serving or have served in our armed forces. He has spoken to countless men and women from various theaters of military conflict, after their return home. In 2006, 40 years after fighting in Vietnam, Ries experienced flashbacks for the first time. Subsequently, he found three of the men closest to him, who fought alongside of him in the Marine Corps unit ALPHA 1/7, and have also suffered the consequences. Together again, they are taking the hill and finding healing.

USMC/ ALPHA Co 1st Bn 7th Marines: Pete Cicatelli, Tom Kamataris, Pete Silva and Ries were Marines in the Vietnam War. Like so many men and women who serve in the military, they came from different parts of the country, but they formed a bond in the jungles of Vietnam, which has passed the test of time. After their tours in Vietnam, each went his own way and lived very different lives, but, coming together 40 years later, they still share the bond of brotherhood, formed in Vietnam.

Ries has experienced the same bonds of brotherhood with fellow Marines, soldiers, seaman and airmen from today’s military. As he has gone from military recruiting depots to bases around the world, Ries has met many young men and women serving our country and is encouraged by their strength and courage. Four of the men he met while making the film served together in Afghanistan with GOLF 2/7.

USMC/ GOLF Co 2d Bn 7th Marines: 1stLt Ben Brewster, 1stLt Matt Ingold, 1stLt James McKendree and HN3 Edwin Daniel served together in Afghanistan. Since the making of this documentary, they have been reassigned in the Marine Corps and Navy. These young men went into an area of Afghanistan, which had not been previously occupied and established relations with the local people. They also experienced severe casualties to their unit while in country. Their lives and stories are just a small sample of the experiences of the men and women serving in our military today.

Through his own personal military experience, relationship with his Vietnam War friends and meeting the many men and women serving in our military today, Ries’ desire to help those who have experienced combat continued to grow and became a passion. This documentary is intended to lead warriors on the path in their journey home.